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Product Center

Product Center

Slump retaining type polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid (KH-206)

Release time:2017-07-13 Author:admin
Product introduction
KH-206 is polycarboxylates high performance water-reducing admixture, slump retaining type.
The series of water reducing admixture greatly enhance the plasticity index of the fresh concrete and improve its pumping and constructability. The KH-6 admixture, through the optimizing design of molecular structure, is of excellent slump retaining capability and high water reducing rate, and also improves concrete strength and its structure development significantly.
Product features
(1)Excellent slump retaining capability: during a certain period of time, its fluidity reaches a maximum with time and then decrease gradually;
(2)High water reducing rate: more than 40%;
(3)Good constructability: good concrete fluidity, easy for casting and construction;
(4)Excellent workability: no segregation or bleeding, advantaged for concrete strength growth and structure development;
(5)Extensive adaptability: suitable for various kinds of cement and admixtures.