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Product Center

Product Center

Slump retaining admixture (KH-301)

Release time:2017-07-13 Author:admin
Product introduction
The Slump retaining admixture has a crosslinking molecular structure of the branched chain, which chain is of more excellent slump retaining capability, good adaptability to cement and relatively high water reducing performance, compared with current polycarboxylate superplasticizer, hence this slump retaining agent can effectively save cement consumption and improve the strength of concrete.
Product features
(1)Non-toxic, no foreign smell, no corrosion on the reinforcing bars;
(2)The crosslinking molecular structure of the branched chain, constantly slow-release the molecular of water reducing admixture and maintain dispersity;
(3)Good Slump retaining capability, no concrete slump loss for long time;
(4)With the compounding of water reducing admixture, can better meet the working performance of concrete mixture and ensure the ultimate performance of hardened concrete.
Performance features
(1)Air content is generally controlled below 3.0%, which is also adjustable according to clients’ requirements;
(2)Concrete mixture blended with this product has only tiny slump loss within required time of Specification for concrete construction, which is helpful to deal with batch mixing and to job handing over during the construction and long distance transportation;
(3)Environmentally friendly: no pollution generated to natural environment in the manufacturing and use of this product, which is in compliance with international standard ISO 14000 Environmental Management System.