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Product Center

Product Center

Sodium gluconate(KH-901)

Release time:2017-07-13 Author:admin
Product introduction
Sodium gluconate, also named sodium pentahydyoxycaproate, which fomula is:C6H11O7Na and molecular weight:218.14, is a kind of hydroxy carboxylic acid sodium. The product’s exterior is white or brown yellow crystalline powder or granule, easily dissolved in water. It is widely used in construction, washing, food and medicine industry. With the increase of national construction requiring strict quality and the gradual development of the washing industry, the demand of sodium products has increased dramatically and presented a huge potential market.
The applications of industrial grade sodium gluconate
(1)Blending admixture for cement: a certain amount of sodium gluconate in cement can increase the plasticity and retardation of concrete, postponing the first and final setting time of concrete.
(2)Cleaning agent for steel surface: the steel surface must be cleaned before plating Bo, Cr, Sn, Ni, then it can be integrated well. The cleaning reagent will achieve ideal effect when adding the sodium gluconate.
(3)Special cleaning agent for glass bottle: this cleaning agent for glass bottle with main ingredient as sodium gluconate, can improve the problems as following: difficulty of removing dirt directly, blocking the nozzle and pipelines., residue after washing for edible safety, the discharge of washing water causing public hazards.
(4)Can be used in electroplating, film making and many other industrial fields.