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Win-win cooperation and complementary advantages create bright future

Release time:2017-07-19 Author:admin

After nearly ten years of evolution, the market of concrete water-reducing admixture has gradually developed into a market dominated by polycarboxylate superplasticizer instead of the naphthalene-based water-reducing admixture. The commercial mode of supplying chain of water-reducing admixture has also developed into the mode that the commercial concrete mixing plant establishes its own production base of polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid,replacing the traditional supplying mode-mother liquid factory-synthesizing factory of water-reducing admixture-end customer. 

Why the commercial mode of supplying chain developed so fast?

1.A reduction in the business chain can enhance the profitability of end customers.

2.Reduce the costs of pointless transportation and packaging,etc.

3.Ensure the product quality and eliminate defective products. Can provide products to customers formulations to meet customers' cost performance requirements.

Recently, a well-known enterprises in Guizhou made a dicision to cooperate with Wuhan Huaxuan after investigating a number of enterprises. The company is involved in various aspects of industries such as pre-mixed concrete, building materials manufacturing and sales, real estate development, green energy-saving sheet manufacturing and housing decoration, and committed to the research,development and application of high-quality building materials.


To benefit its end customers, the enterprise extended industrial chains by producing mother liquor and finished products of water-reducing admixture so as to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. Besides cooperating with Huaxuan high-tech for polycarboxylate superplasticizer synthesizing equipments, the company also entered into a strategic partnership frame concerning the modification and deep processing of flyash,which will have modification resolution to the product problems of flyash and mineral powder in Guizhaou Province.


It was confirmed that the project of manufacturing of water reducing admixture was put into operation by the end of June 2017.