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Green Huaxuan, advocates energy saving and builds low-carbon society

Release time:2017-07-19 Author:admin

On June 8, 2014,the Energy Saving Publicity Week was sponsored by Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Jiang'an District Government, and undertaken by Wuhan Citizen's House, Jiang'an District Development and Reform Commission and the Wuhan Energy Saving Supervision Center. It is 23 years now since the Energy Saving Publicity Week was held in 1991. This year's theme is "to work together to save energy of low carbon, make water clear and sky blue".

In the morning, the Energy Saving Publicity Week and low-carbon day activity was officially launched at Wuhan Citizen's House. In the brochure of energy-saving and emission reduction, the citizens can intuitively be in touch with low-carbon and environmental protection and share green consumption lifestyle.

As a forerunner of green energy advocate and industry, Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd joined hands with Wuhan University of Technology, Central South University, Tongji University and other colleges and universities for long-term cooperation of new building materials research and development, design, manufacturing, product sales and technical cooperation and services.


Through strategic cooperation with the enterprises, universities and research institutes, green low-carbon products were continually being developed and were applied for major projects and private enterprises' ready-mixed concrete in nearly 50 countries. In the publicity week,Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd displayed the new products as following-

1.Polycarboxylate superplasticizer: good mechanical property,no formaldehyde pollutant,can meet the requirements of low carbon and high performance concrete. Widely used for industrial and civil construction,municipal works,bridge and tunnel engineering,railway and underground construction,etc.

2.Green manufacturing equipments of concrete admixtures:achieve technical breakthrough and upgrading of manufacturing without heat resource. The green manufacturing equipment is being the carrier to lead the green manufacturing with a zero release of the wastewater, waste gas and industrial residue.

3.Functional concrete compound admixture:high workability,low hydration heat,economical efficiency,high durability,environmentally friendly and can significantly improve the long-term strength of concrete.

4.Super early strength high flowing and solidified material bearing mortar:stricken area construction,highway,airfield pavement and hydroelectric-dam can be put into use in early time, as the bearing mortar can meet the high flowing material (easy for construction and forming) with super early strength.This bearing mortar can help to reduce personnel casualties,shorten the construction and curing time and save economic costs.

5.High flowing anti-corrosion grouting agents: the slurry matched with this agent has superior flowability,good filling ratio,adjustable setting time,no shrinkage,minimum inflation and high strength. No harmful substances to rebar,low carbon,environment-protective and pollution-free.

6.Phosphogypsum base self-leveling surface material:the ground constructed with this product has accurate size and levelness.No phenomena of hollowing, bulging or cracking.Easy for operation with high working efficiency.The material can be transported by concrete-pumping equipment for rapid construction.This product is of low density and suitable for the ground material for lightweight steel construction building.It can be used for spraying whitewash gypsum and high flowing wall material after adjusting its formula appropriately.

7. High-grade antiflaming energy-saving sheet: the product is new external wall insulation material with characteristics of efficient fireproofing and energy saving,easy for rapid and safe constructions. The product technology has reaches the international advanced level, in which especially the flame retardant technology of insulation materials has already reaches the international leading level.

During the exhibition, our samples and publicity materials and actual project case picturese attracted numerous visitors for further inquiries. As an enterprise dominated by industrial and chemical products,Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd took the first steps toward the directions of green energy saving,low carbon and environmental protection, which has profound significance for carbon emissions and environmental protection.