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Xin Mao Road in Guangdong Province

Release time:2017-07-19 Author:admin

The Xinyi to Maoming Road project in Maoming City Guangdong Province was approved by the China National Development and Reform Commission under the document "development basis (2013) 556". The project is located at the southernmost end of national expressway network, which was one of the projects in "through county highway project" of the 12th Five-Year Plan of Guangdong provincial government. The road project adopted the technology of Two-way four-lane technical standard for running speed at 100km/h. The road's total length is 121.91km and roadbed width 26m,which is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic by October 2015.

User: China Railway 17th Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd

Product: polycarboxylate superplasticizer