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YunGui Railway in Yunnan Province China

Release time:2017-07-19 Author:admin

YunGui Railway in Yunnan Province, listed in the national key railway lines in "the mid-long term planning for China's railway network", is the largest investment railway project of the longest mileage and highest standard, covering at most counties and regions of the province.  YunGui Railway is a key part of railway network planning of Yunnan Province and the first class electrified double-line railway of State-owned lines. The project starts from Kunming Nanxin Passenger Station toward east through Honghe, Wenshan, Nanning to Nanning Station, which main line is 710 kilometers(434 kilometers in Yunnan Province and 276 kilometers in Guangxi Province) and the total budget is 89.92 billion yuan, in which the budget in Guangxi Province is 30.985 billion and the design speed is 200 km/h. It is a joint venture project of six years construction period invested by the Ministry of Railways, Yunnan Province and Guangxi which started construction at Baise, Guangxi on December 27, 2009 and expected to go into operation by the end of 2016.

User: China Railway 18th Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd

Product: Concrete composite admixture