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Product Center

Product Center

Standard polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid (KH-205)

Release time:2017-07-14 Author:admin
Product introduction
KH-205 is a new type of ether polycarboxylates high performance water-reducing admixture, which significantly improves concrete workability by enhancing the flow pattern plasticizing performance of concrete. This series of products include different kinds of formulas corresponding to different functions such as high water reducing type, concrete slump retaining type, condensation retarding type, high-early-strength type and anti-freezing type. The products are free of formaldehyde and the manufacturing process is simple and environmentally friendly with low energy consumption, and the homogeneity, workability of concrete and other indexes can reach or exceed the relevant national standards.
Product features
(1)Extensive adaptability and good compatibility with various cement and admixtures;
(2)Good workability with short casting hours, can save time and labour cost significantly;
(3)High water reducing rate, good intensity and anti-water permeability, can significantly improve the workability and durability of concrete;
(4)Excellent adhesiveness, high workability, no segregation, reflecting excellent characteristics of concrete.