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About us

It is Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd’s initial business purpose as well as the demonstration of nine years’ development to promote technological progress of new building materials, to train topflight building materials professionals and to create innovation products of national building materials.  By teaming up with the key laboratories of the first-class domestic universities and in collaboration with the national key projects, Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd has gained impressive achievements in the fields of manufacturing concrete admixtures, new type of wall thermal insulation materials, industrial resources recycling and cement grinding aids products, such as: Standard polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid, Slump retaining type polycarboxylate superplasticizer liquid, Slump retaining admixture, Sodium gluconate, Air-entraining admixture, Polycarboxylate superplasticizer preservative, New type of green manufacturing equipment of polycarboxylate superplasticizer, Defoamer, Retarding type water reducing admixture, Hardening accelerating and water reducing admixture, Superplasticizer, Expansion admixture, Polycarboxylic acid crack resistant waterproofing admixture, Water reducing and anticracking admixture, Shrinkage reducing anti-cracking admixture, Compound high-effect anti-cracking admixture, Polycarboxylic acid crack-resistance waterproofing admixture, Expansion crack-resistance admixture, Liquid accelerating admixture,
powder accelerating admixture, Early strength high-effect admixture, concrete strength enhancer, concrete reatarder, Anti-freeze admixture, Slump retaining admixture, Concrete compound admixture, Accelerating admixture, Grouting material, Compacting admixture, Cement asphalt mortar, microexpansion super early strength bearing mortar, High strength self-leveling material.

As the first enterprise to develop and produce polycarboxylate superplasticizer in 2006, Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd took  the  lead  in proposing and promoting the low-cost application technology of civil and business type polycarboxylate superplasticizer. After the violent fire took place successively in Beijing CCTV new building, the 28-storey apartment of Jing'an District Shanghai and Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Huaxuan developed and implemented non-combustible and high-grade flame retardant insulation material in order to replace the combustible one. The materials with integrated functions of fireproofing, insulation and decoration to replace the single functional one, it is proved to be the highlight of the technology system of Huaxuan wall insulation materials. Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd also changed the tradition of simple processing of coal ash and mineral waste residue, developed and applied coal ash, mineral waste residue, desulfurized gypsum and phosphogypsum in the depth field of product system with high value-added and multi-function characteristics. Developed special mortar products such as composite admixture, bearing mortar, grouting agent and gypsum products which are widely used for the materials in high-speed rail, metro engineering, bridge and flyovers. museum project, tunnel segment, reservoir project, irrigation works, highway and civil and business type fields. In 2012, Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd was the first to develop and introduce room temperature compound admixture equipment with multi-functional and low platform and built up a national marketing platform, sharing the technical achievements of backup expert teams, thus simplifying, automatizing and minimizing the cost of manufacturing of concrete admixtures.

Since founded in 2006, Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd already set up enterprise standards for two kinds of products, owned seven originally creating technologies and successfully applied tens of new type patents, and a number of scientific and technological achievements were identified as the advanced world level by national authorities, in which some achievements already reached the international leading level. The company’s project technologies and products, listed in the promotion catalogue of national key new products, also repeatedly won funding and reward of national authorities of construction, science and technology. At present, Wuhan Huaxuan High-tech Co., Ltd owns two subsidiary companies, one branch company, two joint ventures, more project partner companies or teams, three manufacturing bases and one modernized eco-industrial park.

Running business for twelve years, Huaxuan always gave emphasis all along to create value for the clients, to share responsibilities for the country and to develop the company, already achieving technological breakthroughs continuously in the way of innovation from the enterprises, universities and research institutes.